Hideo Nishiumi

Chemical Engineering Laboratory
Hosei University
Kajino-cho, Koganei-city
Tokyo, JAPAN 184-8584
Tel & Fax +81-423-87-6142
e-mail nishi@hosei.ac.jp

1972 Doctor of Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo , Japan ,"Design of Photochemical Reactors"
1972-1973 Post Doctoral Fellow of Japanese Government
1973-1977 Research Associate of Tohoku University , Sendai, Japan "BWR Equation of State"
1977-      Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan. Professor at present
1979-1981, 1997 Visiting Professor of University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.
1997 Visiting Professor of Delft Universtiy of Technology, The Netherlands
2004-2006 Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Hosei University

Research Interests


1. Phase Equilibrium Measurements at High Pressures for Energy-saving Mixture Refrigerants
2. Thermodynamic Properties Prediction Using Equation of State
3. Diffusion Coefficients in Supercritical Fluids
4. Solubiity of Fluorocarbons in Alcohol- NaOH solutions
5. Measurement of Spinodal

Reaction and Separation Engineering

6. Flouroether Refrigerants from Chlorinated Compounds with UV Irradiation
7. Purification Process of Fluoroethers from Chlorofuorocarobons Decomposition
8. Fullerene as Visible Light Catalys
9. Ultrasonic Reaction
10. Electric Discharge Reaction

Selected Publications

  1. H. Nishiumi and S.Saito, Correlation of the Binary Interaction Parameter of the Modified Generalized BWR Equation of State,J.Chem.Eng.Japan,10(3)176-180 (1977)
  2. S. Kura, H.Nishiumi and Y.Kawase, Oxygen Transfer in a Stirred Loop Fermentor With Dilute Polymer Solutions, Bioprocess Engineering, 8, 223-228 (1993)
  3. K.Ago, H.Nishiumi: Calculation of Mutual Diffusion Coefficients Near the Critical Region from the Peng-Robinson Equation of State, Ind.Eng.Chem.Res., 37 (5)1692-1695 (1998)
  4. M.Takenouchi, R.Kato, H.Nishiumi, Henryfs Law Constant Measurements of CCl2F2, CHClF2, CH2F2, C2ClF5, C2HF5, CH2FCF3, and CH3CHF2 in Methanol, Ethanol, and 2-Propanol, J.Chem.Eng.Data, 46(3)746-749 (2001)
  5. H.Nishiumi, K.Sato, R.Kato, Production of Second- or Third-Generation Fluorine-based Refrigerants from (Photo)-Declorination of Fluorocarbon Wastes, Fluorine and the Environment, 1,133-164 (2006)
  6. H.Nishiumi, T.Kubota, Fundamental Behavoir of Benzene-CO2 Mutual Diffusion Coefficients in the Critical Region of CO2, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 261, 146-151 (2007)
  7. M.Narita, F.Amano, Y.Kadoishi, H.Nishiumi, Phenol Decomposition by Visible Light Catalysis with Fullerene (in Japanese), Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu, 33, 564-569 (2007)
  8. H.Nishiumi, F.Honda, Effects of Electrolyte on Floating Water Bridge, Res.Letters in Phy.Chem.,371650(2009)
  9. Book: H.Nishiumi, K.Ago, "Computational Thermodynamics" (Japanese) Soc.Separation Process Engineers, Japan (2012)
  10. H.Nishiumi, K.Ago,D.Kodama,Effect of solvation with salting effect on solubilities of fluorocarbons in alcohols, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 362, 187-191 (2014)

Last modified: January 22, 2014